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About Our Program

The University of North Texas Upward Bound Math and Science (UNT UBMS) program is an academic year and summer residential program for high school students interested in postsecondary education within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education to serve 68 students each year and has been in operation at the University of North Texas since October 1990. Current Target Schools:  Decatur, Denton, Gainesville, Guyer, Lake Dallas, L.D. Bell, Ryan and Trinity High Schools.

The purpose of the Upward Bound Math and Science Program is to provide academic enrichment and motivational activities for underprivileged/low-income/first-generation high school students, who possess an interest in and aptitude for STEM fields. The goal being, to motivate our students to complete high school, enroll in postsecondary education and complete degrees within the STEM fields. 

This goal is achieved by revealing the diverse options available in the STEM world such that many participants will be stimulated to pursue these degrees in their post-secondary education.

Summer Component

During the summer residential program, participants are exposed to a wide variety of facets in the fields of mathematics and sciences. Students gain knowledge in these fields of study by attending rigorous morning academic classes, participating in afternoon laboratory and research experiences, taking part in a variety of evening activities and attending field trips to sites that provide enriching job related experiences. Since these students reside at UNT during the summer component, students get a real feeling of what college life will be like.  Students will be enriched through course offerings in Math, Science, Computer Programming, Engineering, Research Methods and other college level courses.

Several other activities are provided that introduce students to STEM careers and increase their enthusiasm about studying STEM within both their secondary and postsecondary educational pursuits.

Students attend educational field trips to facilities such as Harris Methodist Hospital, Fort Worth Zoo, Neospire, Johnson Space Center, Moody Gardens, UNT Health Science Center and Botanical Research Institute of Texas, etc.
During the evenings, professionals such as Medical Doctors, FBI DNA Specialists, Forensic Anthropologists, Statisticians and Ecologists will speak to the student body, providing them with insightful knowledge into various careers and the motivation needed to succeed. 
Staff will serve as coaches as the participants compete against other Upward Bound Programs in an Academic Bowl. Events include math, science, poetry interpretation, duet acting, impromptu speaking, number sense, current events, calculator applications, dictionary skills, word power and social studies.
Students participate in an “in-house” Math & Science Fair and hone their communication skills by presenting their projects.​
Living Accommodations

UBMS students are provided living accommodations in one of UNT's residence halls and Meals to eat in one of the university's cafeterias during the on-campus summer component.  Resident Advisors (college students) will live inside the hall with them to help them adjust to being away from home.


The UNT UBMS Program pays expenses such as room and board, books, supplies and admission fees to extra-curricular activities for students in the program.  UBMS student will also receive a stipend each week.

Academic Year (AY) Component

The AY will consist of weekly STEM activities/assignments drawn from various sources in adherence with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), AY events will be held regularly by means of school visits, and via semester field trips.  Both summer and AY institutes are designed to increase the likelihood that the UNT UBMS Program will be successful in meeting the needs of each participant and meeting the objectives of the program.  The goals and services identified for each participant are realistic, individualized, and have appropriate checkpoints and monitoring in place.

To enable students to participate fully in the program and their educations, the UNT UBMS staff will hold students accountable for attending and completing UNT UBMS commitments.  The purpose of  weekly assignments/activities/challenges is to further implement the objectives established for each of the participants in their Individual Academic Plans (IAPs) and to allow project staff to monitor each participant’s success and make adjustments where needed .  The STEM assignments will not impede the progress and success of the students’ regular academic high school course load.  These assignments will continue to prepare students for post-secondary education in the STEM fields.

In addition, semester field trips/sessions will be conducted focusing on structured, integrated STEM educational activities such as crime scene investigation, infectious disease epidemic analysis, engineering design (robotics), and Environmental Impact Assessments.  Students will receive exposure to applied sciences at hospitals, governmental laboratories or other private and public agencies.   These will utilize cooperative learning in small groups and provide further exposure and perpetuation within the STEM fields.  Sessions may also focus on activities designed to facilitate individual growth and academic development.  Activities include team-building, goal-setting, communication skills, diversity training, and career/college exploration.

At the end of each semester, participants will receive an AY stipend based on completion of weekly assignments and attendance at field trips/sessions during the AY.  This stipend is a tremendous incentive to increasing attendance, completing assignments with excellence, and remaining active in the program.  

More Information

For more information contact
Anne Strong, Program Director
Phone: (940) 565-4760.

Fax us at (940) 565-2089 or e-mail us at UBMS@unt.edu

Or write to:

UNT Upward Bound Math & Science
UNT P.O. Box 310888
Denton, Texas, 76203-0888

The UNT UBMS Program is a Federally funded TRIO program through the U.S. Department of Education.