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UBjectives Bonus Deadline:   November 10, 2018

UBjective Deadline: December 1, 2018

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We do offer mid-week tutoring to a variety of subjects. Tutoring can be done in person (IP) or online. Online tutoring will be done using Zoom’s web conferencing website. You can either download the “Zoom Cloud Meeting” mobile application or directly access the session through their website.

If you need extra tutoring please email Eva Silvia ( or the day and time you are available and the subject.  

Tutoring Evaluations

All students and tutors are required to complete an evaluation after their session. These evaluations are used to improve our tutoring program.

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This form is used for students to be able to inform staff about activities that they feel are concerning or goes against UB’s policies. Every complaint/concern given will be investigated by a UB staff member.

This is your program too! Your voice will be heard.

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