Talent Search

Mission Possible: Graduate!

TRIO Talent Search at the University of North Texas began on September 1, 1985. For the past 31 years, the activities, enthusiasm and participation grows while the program's focus remains the same: assist students with recognizing and developing their potential so that they can enroll and complete  the postsecondary institution that is best for their needs.

The TRIO Talent Search Mission is to encourage and assist students who have a desire to pursue a college degree and demonstrate college readiness. UNT Talent Search not only prepares students for post-secondary enrollment, but also supports them to post-secondary degree completion. 

OUR GOAL is to increase the number of college graduates in the Cooke and Denton counties by assisting students with academic enrichment, college enrollment and the financial aid process. Talent Search is one of six federally funded TRIO Programs housed under the Division of Student Affairs at the University of North Texas.

Who do we serve?

Did you know? There are 34 TRIO Talent Search programs in Texas serving over 24,000 students! UNT TRIO Talent Search project personnel work with students attending selected schools in Denton and Cooke counties by rendering support and guidance through the following: secondary school academic success, postsecondary enrollment, financial aid support, career exploration, and personal development. Currently students have the option to participate in the program if they attend one of the following schools: Calhoun Middle, Strickland Middle, Gainesville Junior High,  Denton High, Ryan High and Gainesville High School.

Why our program is effective:

  • Dedicated over 2,500 hours of one-on-one attention to middle and high school students with college exploration, career interest, academic and life skills enhancement.
  • 99% of our students promote to the next grade level.
  • 99% of our program seniors complete high school graduation requirements.
  • 100% of our program seniors apply and are accepted to at least one college/university.
  • 78% of our graduates successfully enroll in college, while the remaining 22% defer to Spring enrollment.  

Learn more about Talent Search:

For more information about TRIO Talent Search, call 940-565-2090 or e-mail the Program Director, Beverly Maloney, at beverly.maloney@unt.edu.